Semantic Web Group at ISWC 2021

Our group contributed in several ways to ISWC 2021.

Eva Blomqvist was Research Track PC co-chair for ISWC 2021 and Olaf Hartig was a senior PC member.

Ying Li and Patrick Lambrix presented the poster ‘An Approach for Repairing Incoherent Ontologies Repairing’. The teaser video for this paper was selected as best teaser video. The paper is available at and the teaser video at

Patrick Lambrix, Huanyu Li, Mina Abd Nikooie Pour and Ying Li co-organized two tracks in the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (the Anatomy track and the Interactive track).

Patrick Lambrix, together with Catia Pesquita and Vitalis Wiens organized VOILA 2021 – the 6th International Workshop on Visualization and Interaction for Ontologies and Linked Data. At VOILA 2021, Mina Abd Nikooie Pour, Huanyu Li and Patrick Lambrix, together with Rickard Armiento presented the paper ‘A First Step towards a Tool for Extending Ontologies’. Ying Li and Patrick Lambrix, together with former member of the group Zlatan Dragisic presented ‘RepOSE-CTab – A Protégé Plugin for Completing Ontologies’.

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